Plotter Roland ColorCAMM PC-50

How-to cut ...

Here I try to description the cutting with plotter Roland ColorCAMM PC-50 from a software Corel Draw.

Plotter Settings

Size A plotter is installed in a computer as usual printer.
First important setting is size of cutting area.
Set width to maximal value (enter value 500mm and it will be correct to max. value automatical). This value will be about 475mm.
Set length to 1000mm (it is sufficient for usual work), only when you need bigger area, you should set bigger value - max. is about 2200mm.
Cutting Next picture shows cutting properties.
Set "What to cut" to "by Line Type" and "Line Type" to "solid".
You should set the cutting speed to. The max. speed is 40cm/s. Change this speed, only in case when ocure problem with cutting.
Output option Last important tab is about Output option. Check the box cutting.
Only when you will print, check the box printing. Than all next setting is asociate with printing cartridges.

Plotter DIP switch setting

DIP switchFunctionOFFONnote
1Baud Rate960019200only for the serial cable
4Hand ShakeHWXon/Xoff
5Front Edge SenseDisableEnable 
6Cut SheetDisableEnable
7Blade Offset0.250.5
8Long OutputLightHeavy
9Pre FeedEnableDisablefor scan real length of sheet
10(not used)-- 
Here I show DIP switch setting on my plotter
- each DIP switch I've tested and found an optimal setting

How to cut in Corel Draw

(sorry for pictures, I use Corel 9.0 CZ)
select Properties OK. From plotter setting follows that plotter will be cutting by line type.
Click to objects you want cut by right button and select Properties ....
Outline propertie ... and in the outline tab set:
Outline type - to solid, outline color - to black (!), and outline thicknes to minimum (it will be nonequal for each corel version - for example in corel 9.0 it is 0.004 but in corel 8.0 it is 0.001).
At the end, select all objects you want cut and click to print.
Here I recomend in printing properties set "print only selected" and "align printing area to left top corner".

Putting the sheet into the plotter

Here is some tips, how put the sheet into the plotter. Note: There is a little window with an optical sensor on the one side of the plotter - it is for the test if the sheet is present. Cover this window with some black tape. You will be able to cut any smaller sizes of sheets.

Document writed by: Petr Kousal
Sorry for some mistakes, I stemed only from my self practice.